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Why Every Party Needs A Donut Wall

Words byGinger Ray

September 09, 2021



Why Every Party Needs A Donut Wall
If you are a donut lover like us, then you’re going to love this trend! It seems donut walls have become the latest wedding trend and we’ve jumped at the opportunity. A whole wall dedicated to donuts…yes please! These are being used as an alternative to the traditional wedding cake or even just an additional sweet treat at the reception. But, the limitations don’t stop there, these dessert wonders are even being used as a unique touch to all occasions, including baby showers, birthdays & hen parties. – Donuts all round!

Not only are our ‘Treat Yourself Donut Walls’ the wall of dreams, they’re super easy to implement into your occasion making them even dreamier. Whether that’s a wedding or a party, or even just a Tuesday afternoon. They’re the most affordable, most instagrammable sweet treat and in our eyes all parties should have one. – Go ahead, treat yourself.

The best part?!

The theme of the donut wall if entirely up to you. If simply & classy is your theme then stick to the traditional glazed ring donuts alongside a small selection of chocolate or white coated donuts to mix it up a little. If colour is your vibe then the possibilities are endless, brightly coloured, mix & match, swirls, stripes or pastel coloured donuts, they can be completely tailored to your occasion. We’ve linked our images throughout this post to show 2 different themes and ways to decorate your donut walls. If you couldn’t tell already, we’re loving this trend so much we’ve launched 2 brand new donut walls this spring, our white & gold board suitable for any occasion & any donut style and a pack of 2 boards in Kraft, perfect for a rustic wedding or a larger event.

These are super straightforward to put together, here’s a step-by-step to guide you through

How To Make Our Donut Walls

Each pack contains, 1 donut board,2 stands & 9 pegs.

Step 1 – Set up your Donut Wall
Insert the wooden pegs into the holes on the donut board

Step 2 – How To Make Your Donut Wall Stand
Then slot each of the stand legs into the slots at the bottom of the donut board, after it should be able to stand on it own.

Step 3 – Choose the Donuts for Your Donut Wall Pick your donuts & slot them over the pegs. Enjoy your finished donut wall!

Let’s face it, a wall of donuts will always be a good idea. For more sweet treat inspo, read up on our must-have party favor’s and just a warning it might leave you wanting to raid the sweet cupboard!

Which donut wall will you be having at your next party?

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