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7 Steps to Throw a Mexican Themed Party

May 31, 2021

7 Steps to Throw a Mexican Themed Party

Nothing screams‘fiesta party’ more than bright,vibrant pops of colour and with summer fast approaching now is the perfect time to transform your garden ready into a Viva La Fiesta ready for all the summer parties (can you tell we can’t wait for summer?!). Combine a range of bright pinks, oranges, yellows and blues for the ultimate Viva La Fiesta party.

Let’s get this party started with our must-haves including decorations, tableware and a variety of games to really spice it up! First up, let’s start simple with the most important element, the location.

1. Choose your venue

To keep in with your Mexican fiesta party, the best location would be outside, whether this is in your back garden or at your local park. Set up a little area, lay out a few picnic blankets, hang up some colourful bunting with a selection of party food and you’ve got yourself a fiesta!

However, if you’re unlucky with the weather as we are still in the UK and aren’t always guaranteed good weather in June, then you could think about hosting the party in your home as a plan B if the weather forecast isn’t looking good. As long as you’ve got bright and colourful decorations, the location doesn’t matter.

2. Table Decorations

Next up is the tableware. Say goodbye to the traditional (slightly boring) paper plates and napkins, we’ve taken it to the next level bringing you tableware bursting with colour ready to bring your Mexicana theme to life. Serve your food on Avocado shaped paper plates, with Nacho Napkins and Cactus shaped paper cups – tell us this doesn’t tick all the boxes and create the ultimate fiesta!

To complete the look, why not use our wooden cutlery alongside or stock up on some margarita glasses for the adults as an extra little touch.

3. Viva La Fiesta Decorations

No party is complete without having a few decorations to fill the room and just like the tableware, we’ve gone for bright shades. Don’t worry too much about sticking to one colour, the more colours involved the better your Mexicana theme will look. Let’s start with the brightest of the decorations, our multi-coloured fringe curtain. It’s the perfect way to add a pop of colour to your party and not only will this look gorgeous hanging up, but it also doubles as a photo booth backdrop too – win-win.

Pair these alongside our range of Mexican-style buntings for a true fiesta theme, choose from ‘Taco bout a party’ or ‘Fiesta Like There’s No Manana’ or both if you fancy going all out! Alternatively, if you’re keeping it simple or throwing a spontaneous summer party and don’t have much time, you could hang up our a few of our fun Mexican Fringe balloons. They’ll be sure to give your venue that wow factor whilst requiring very little preparation! Skip to step 7 to find out everything you need to know about making these yourselves.

If like us, you’re taking this theme very seriously. Then for a few fun touches why not pair these cactus balloons alongside the Llama and Cactus bunting for the most epic party set up? Try green glitter foiling and bright pom poms – trust us when we say these won’t go unnoticed. All of these decorations are easy and straightforward and require very little preparation – everything you want for a spontaneous summer party, right?

4. Create a Mexicana Bar Cart

Now don’t get us wrong, we’re not saying a bar cart is the next party essential but it definitely adds a bit of something extra to your party and will look impressive in photos. Have fun spicing up your bar cart ready for your fiesta party but if you need a little inspiration, here’s how we decorated ours.

We’ve used our Llama and cactus bunting to hang along the bar cart, along with our Mexican style tableware to complete the look. You can serve any drinks you choose for your viva la fiesta bar cart; however, we’ve gone for Tequila to keep in with the theme. We’d love to know how you choose to decorate your Mexican themed bar cart, so let us know how it turns out!

5. Mexican Fun & Games

Next up is games! Create your own little games corner at your summer party to get everyone up and laughing. Here are our must-have games we think are perfect for a Mexican extravaganza:

Hoopla Cactus Party Game – The perfect family game for hours of fun for all. Keep your eyes on the prize and take it in turns to throw a hoopla onto the cactus.

Tequila Skittles Game – This game comes complete with six tequila bottle skittles and lime and salt shaped frisbees for endless fun. Most likely a game for the adults but I’m sure the kids will want to get involved as soon as they see everyone having fun. Take it in turns to throw a frisbee and watch the skittles fall!

Avocado Pinata – It’s an Av-o-cado pinata – need we go on?! In all seriousness, this fun pinata will be the highlight to any fiesta celebration! Perfect for children or adults and fits with your fiesta vibe. Just make sure to hang the pinata in an open space so you have enough room to hit it and release all the treats!

Photo booth props – OK, so this one isn’t a game or activity, but it’s still a great way to get everyone in the Viva La Fiesta spirit and to capture some fun memories. Hang up our multi-coloured fringe curtain in the corner of your venue for a vibrant backdrop and snap away! Why not grab a few extra props like sombreros or fun glasses to make it even more exciting.

6. Party Food & Nibbles

Now assuming you’ll be serving party food and nibbles for your guests, it’s a good opportunity to have a bit of fun with your theme. Here are a few of our favourite Mexican-style dishes you could consider.

– Nacho’s
– A Taco buffet
– Fajita’s
– Tortillas with Salsa & Guacamole dips.

These are all good if you’re hosting at home and you have somewhere to prepare the food. However, if you are hosting the party at your local park then you might want to consider a selection of food easy to serve and transport. Perhaps you could offer your guests a selection of Mexican style buffet food or anything of bright colour i.e. Nacho’s, mini tacos or burrito’s, colourful salads, tortilla crisps with Guacamole and salsa dips could all work well. Don’t worry too much if everything you serve isn’t traditionally from Mexico, that’s where the tableware does the talking.

You may also want to consider providing a few extra child-friendly options if you’re inviting the little ones. Think snacks and finger foods such as fruit salads, sausage rolls, bite-sized cheeses, veg sticks or breadsticks/tortilla crisps to tie in with your theme.

7. DIY Fringe Balloons Tutorial

These Mexicana fringe balloons are ideal for your summer party! With a simple step by a step video tutorial, you could have the best party set up in a matter of minutes.

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