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6 Hen Party Games to Break the Ice

Words byGinger Ray

September 09, 2021



6 Hen Party Games to Break the Ice
A hen party or a weekend away isn’t complete without a few hen party games! If you’re in the middle of planning your best friend’s hen night and need entertainment ideas, then we’ve got you covered!

It can be difficult keeping the conversations flowing when everyone’s meeting for the first time, so we’ve rounded up a few ideas from conversation starters, to drinking games or fun challenges to help break the ice.

1. Pass the Parcel (Hen Edition)

You can’t go wrong with the classic ‘Pass the Parcel’ game. Our hen party version comes with 15 blank forfeit cards & winner glasses. Simply fill out the cards with fun forfeits and place them between each layer of the parcel.

Have your hens and the bride in a circle, put some music on and take it in turns to pass the parcel round, stopping when the music stops. The fun is in the cards, you can make them forfeits or fun challenges, anything to get everyone involved. Trust us, this will provide endless mounts of fun for all!

Instructions: Use our kit to wrap a cute present with our gorgeous pink wrapping paper. Fill in the cards with fun forfeits and place between each layer. Pass the parcel round in a circle and whoever it lands on has to unwrap a layer of the parcel and reveal either a prize or a forfeit.

Get creative with your prizes, pop a few of our Team Bride fun glasses in or maybe a pink Team Bride wrist band for the hens to wear, the more accessories the better. Save the ultimate prize for the winner to receive a gorgeous Team Bride or Bridesmaid Sash – if they weren’t competitive enough without these as the prize.

2. Truth or Dare Scratch Cards

Get the hen party going with a classic game of truth or dare. This is a great game to play after you’ve had a couple of drinks and everyone’s feeling a little more confident! This is a great hen do game to have up your sleeve when you want to get involved and switch up the mood. Use our new Pink Ring Shot Glasses as forfeits to make it even more fun!

Instructions: Get everyone to write some truths and dares, cover with the scratch to reveal stickers, scratch off during the hen party to reveal the truth or dare?

3. Mr & Mrs Quiz

You’re probably familiar with this game already. Challenge the bride and test her knowledge on how well she knows her other half with the ultimate Mr & Mrs Quiz. Feel free to get creative with the questions you ask, they can be as cheeky and funny as you wish – just make sure to ask her partner for the correct answers first! A few examples of Mr & Mrs quiz questions are below to give you a head start:

What would your partner say your worst habits are? If you compared yourself to any celebrity couple, who would it be?

4. Ice Breaker Game

This one is perfect, it’s designed to play around a wedding table to break the ice but can easily be played at a hen party too. It’s ideal if you have a group of people who have never met and you want to get everyone involved. Grab a card, go around the table and answer the questions, you’ll find out some fun facts about each other you never knew, share embarrassing stories and fun little challenges – what a fun way to break the ice and get everyone mingling!

5. Who Am I Game (Stars Edition)

One of our most popular hens do party games is back! The guess who star edition is fun for everyone! This game will provide hours of entertainment and laughs trying to guess who each other are.

Instructions: Make sure every pair of glasses has a card naming a celebrity attached, then ask every hen to pop the glasses on and try to guess who you are by asking questions. Remember only questions with yes or no answers are allowed! So simple, yet very entertaining.

6. Guess Who

A little fun twist on the traditional game of Guess Who is to give everyone a real challenge. Ask your hens to bring a photo of themselves and get them to write down a fun or embarrassing fact. Hang both the photo and fact up using our Peg & String Set but make sure to hide the photo behind the fact so the bride can’t see who’s who.

The bride can then read out the facts and try and guess who is who, turn the photo round to reveal the hen. If the bride gives the wrong answer, then pick a forfeit! A great little game to truly test how well she knows her hens! For more tips on making all your hens feel special why not buy in a few accessories to kit out the venue ready for their arrival.

Give your venue a lift with these popular rose gold balloons. Or if you’re in need of hen party favours we have plenty to choose from, including team bride party bags and sashes from bride to be, bridesmaid and maid of honour to Team Bride. As every guest turns up to the venue, greet them with a beautiful sash and a team bride party bag filled with goodies to make them feel welcome.

Now that you’ve got our top picks, which hen party game will you be playing? Any or all of these games will have everyone in the hen party spirit in no time!

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