7 Tips for Planning a Magical Winter Wedding

Words byGinger Ray

December 05, 2021



7 Tips for Planning a Magical Winter Wedding
Rain is never ideal, especially on your wedding day but don’t let it spoil the occasion! Alanis Morisette knew the annoyance of ‘rain on your wedding day’, and it might seem like the end of the world when you’ve put all that planning into an outdoor wedding only to find it’s forecasted to pour all day, but don’t panic just yet. You can still have the outdoor wedding you’ve dreamed of, but just have a plan B on standby should the heavens open. With these simple steps and a little forward planning, you’ll be sure to eliminate any additional stress on the big day and keep your spirits high.

Talk to the venue

The best thing to do if you’ve planned an outdoor wedding and the rain isn’t cooperating is to call the venue coordinator. They’ll be able to advise your options on the day – maybe they’ll have a sheltered area on-site your guests can re-locate to? Or can they provide an indoor space as a plan B should it down pour on the day? As a wedding venue, they’ll be very familiar with this situation and will be able to advise you.

A common option is to hire a tent and set this up on the grounds, allowing you to shelter against the rain and keep the ‘outdoor’ wedding you planned. While it’s not exactly the image you had initially, it’s far from a wedding disaster – tents are able to give you the freedom to match it to your theme, making it fit with your original décor. You’ll need to check with your venue to make sure you have permission to set up the tent on their grounds.

Rainwear / Umbrella’s

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, then no doubt you’ve been anxiously checking the weather daily for the few weeks leading up to the wedding. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you can use this time to come up with a contingency plan for rain. Rainwear can be fun & stylish, so why don’t you purchase umbrellas that match with the colour scheme of your wedding? Keep your guests dry by providing everyone with an umbrella, it’ll keep the spirits high if everyone is warm and dry.

It might also be worth discussing this with your photographer, there might be the opportunity to create a playful rainy photo shoot with the bridal party in colourful umbrellas and rainboots. This will keep people entertained and will take the worry out of losing the perfect photo set up.