Here are some of your frequently asked questions answered..


How to make confetti in a balloon stick? Sometimes the confetti can collect at the bottom of the balloon (depending on the conditions, like humidity or heat etc etc). You’ll need to create static energy to make the confetti stick, to do this start by rubbing the balloon on any item of clothing, preferably a scarf or wool jumper. Then roll the balloon around for ultimate confetti dispersing. Voilà

How to inflate confetti balloons? To get the best effect, we advise you use a mixture of air & helium to inflate the balloon, try filling the balloon with a few puffs of air & then the rest 90% helium.

How long do confetti balloons stay up? Confetti balloons won’t stay up for the same duration as stand balloons s due to the mixture of helium & additional confetti weight inside the balloons. Depending on the event, we advise not blowing these up too far in advance i.e. the night before as unfortunately, they won’t last!

How to inflate Orb balloons? Orb balloons require helium to inflate correctly, due to the material & the greater size these will usually require around double the amount of helium used to fill a standard latex balloon.

How to blow up our foil letter balloons? Good news with these ones, no helium is needed! Each letter balloon comes with a small straw to inflate. Simply locate the clear tab on each of the balloon to create an opening, insert the straw and blow through the straw to inflate the balloon. Once inflated, press over the seal to secure it and trap the air in.

Are the foil letter balloons re-usable? No, unfortunately our foil letter/number balloons are one use only. Once you have closed the seal after inflation, you can’t deflate and re-use them. 

How to make the confetti balloons float? The reason your balloon won’t float is usually down to the fact there isn’t enough helium added to the balloon. Check the size of your balloons and keep inflating with helium until they reach the correct size.

What is classified as a ‘puff of air’? We consider a puff of air to be the manual way of blowing up a balloon, by placing your mouth over the balloon tip and blowing air into the balloon.

What pens should be used on our wooden items, such as building blocks guestbook? We advise it’s best to use either pencils or a Biro, a pen that doesn’t cause ink to bleed when you write. This will cause bleeding & smudging on the products.

Best way to make your tassel garland? Simply place a tassel on the ground start with one side and twist/roll, once rolled just bend the tassel in half and pinch to create a loop at the top, then use the elastic ties provided to secure, repeat with all tassels provided. Using the string, thread through the loops created & hang wherever you please for a gorgeous look!

Best way to make our decorative fans? You’ll find the fans folded up into a strip, hold each end of the folded fans and pull together until both ends meet. Then use the paperclips provided to secure the 2 ends together by placing the paper clip down the middle of the two. Once happy with the fans, use the string to hang the individual fans around your venue! Voilà