4 Steps to Throwing a Kids Tea Party

4 Steps to Throwing a Kids Tea Party

Hosting a children’s tea party is a great way to celebrate your little one’s next birthday. With various themes to choose from, it’s a great way to add a magical touch to their special day.

We’ve put together some useful tips and ideas to help you organise a kid’s tea party that’s fun, cheerful and one that would appeal to all age group.


1.    Plan the setting & choosing a theme

The first step to planning any party is to choose a location. Are you planning on hosting your tea party at home or will you be opting for a lovely outdoor garden setting instead? Once you figure out where you want to have your party, then you can start thinking about a party theme.

Picking a theme is where the fun begins. A great tip to search for inspiration is to browse Pinterest boards for tea party decorations. This will give you more tea party ideas kids will just love. In that way you can figure out how the styles will go with your space, such as colours, seating arrangements, what party food for kids will match your theme and much more.

Here are some of our favourite ideas to get you started:

  • Alice in Wonderland
  • Princess or Fairy
  • Victorian Tea Party
  • Floral
  • Rainbow
  • Easter theme

2.    Organise the decorations

Now that you have your space figured out, the next step is selecting the decorations for your party theme. There’s no need to go overboard with the decorations, just a few cute decorations hung throughout the space is everything you need to create a lovely tea party set up.

We have plenty of gorgeous bunting to choose from like our floral rose gold flag bunting or Gold Glitter Bunny Bunting, ideal for an Easter themed tea party. For an outside garden party, consider draping the bunting over the trees or perhaps hang our pretty fan decorations across your fence – either will look lovely!

With Spring fast approaching, adding a few Easter themed decorations could be a nice touch, like these adorable flower confetti balloons would look gorgeous at any floral tea party. Check out these bunny rabbit pom pom balloons are even better if you end up hosting a garden tea party.

However, if you’re after something a little more extravagant then our easy DIY balloon arches are ideal for a kid’s birthday party. There are many different colours to choose from which can be adapted to suit your theme. Don’t forget to add a few real flowers or pieces of foliage in for the ultimate set up!


3. Plan out your party food and treats

The best food to serve at a kid’s tea party is of course, buffet style finger food. We’re talking sandwiches, small cheese and pineapple sticks, veg crudités and a variety of dips, fairy cakes and other small desserts.  We recommend serving finger food as they’re fun and easy for kids to eat, plus it’s likely there is something for everyone – even the fussy eaters!

Image 1: Photo credit Wallflower Kitchen

We understand that any food served at a kid’s party can get a little messy! Make sure you have plenty of disposable tableware, particularly napkins to hand. We recommend our rainbow pastel napkins or perhaps a selection from our ditsy floral range with the pretty in pink colour combination- perfect for a girly tea party.

4.    Add in time for fun & games

Adding a few fun and games to your party is a great way to keep things fun and get everyone involved – especially if some people haven’t met before it can be a good idea to have a few ice breaker games and or some art and craft activities up your sleeve. A few activities you could include at your tea party:

  • Colouring Station – This is a great activity to tag onto your tea party, especially if There are plenty of printables available online, all you need is the colouring pencils.
  • Decorating Biscuits or Fairy Cakes- Kids will have great fun decorating mini biscuits or little fairy cakes with coloured icing and sprinkles. Set up a mini DIY station with different coloured icing pens, sprinkles, sweets and anything they may want to decorate their cupcakes with.
  • Handmade Jewellery – Who doesn’t love to make handmade jewellery! Depending on the age range, you can purchase jewellery making kits with beads, string and lots more to keep them entertained for hours. Sweet necklaces and bracelets are also a great option for kids too.
  • Easter Egg Hunt – If you’re planning an Easter themed tea party then why not think about hosting an Easter egg hunt. It’s a great way to keep the kids entertained (or adults) because who doesn’t love an Easter egg hunt?

We hope you are feeling inspired and have everything you need to create the most adorable kids tea party!

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