8 Things To Do After You’ve Just Got Engaged

8 Things To Do After You’ve Just Got Engaged

You said yes! In honour of the most popular time of year to get engaged (cue Christmas, New Years and Valentine’s day!) We thought now would be the best time to create an engagement checklist for all you newly engaged that are probably wondering what to do next.

With so much information out there, it can feel a little overwhelming but we’re here to help. Here are 8 things to do after you’ve just got engaged.

1.    Tell Friends & Family

The first thing to do after getting engaged is to share the exciting news with your family and friends. A general rule of thumb is to start with breaking the news to both your parents. Once you’ve told them, work your way down the list telling siblings, best friends, and grandparents.

As tempting as it may be to just update your Instagram stories and announce it to the world in one go – DON’T tell the general public before your family and friends. Only once your loved ones have found out from you directly is when it’s ok to share with the rest of the world.

2.    Celebrate With Your Partner

You’re engaged! This is such an exciting time, so make the time to celebrate your engagement with your new fiancé. You’re about to dive into the beginning of a very busy period once you kick off the wedding plans, that the day you got engaged may feel like a lifetime ago.

Why not plan a little weekend away or enjoy a dinner date at your favourite restaurant to celebrate the start of this exciting adventure together!

3. Re-size Your Engagement Ring

Your engagement ring is most likely to be your newest pride and joy, so if you’re having any doubts about the fit of your ring – get it resized as soon as possible. Does it feel a little big for you? Or does it feel too tight?

If the answer is yes to any of these, it’s worth the time and effort to get it re-sized at a jeweller to make sure it’s the perfect fit!

Image 1: Credit Style me Pretty

4.    Take Engagement Photos

Capture this magical time in your life by having a few gorgeous photos to look back on – especially handy if you want to make a big announcement on social media. Some couples like the idea of getting a photographer to shoot professional photos, these can become helpful when sending wedding invitations like ‘Save the Dates’- but choose whichever feels right for you to showcase your love for one another.

 Image 2: Credit Love,leon

5.    Celebrate With Loved Ones

Celebrate, celebrate and celebrate a little more. Gather your nearest and dearest to toast to your engagement. If throwing a fancy engagement party isn’t for you, then just keep it small and invite everyone to your place for a celebratory dinner or drinks – but one thing is for certain, take the time to enjoy this moment and celebrate it with all your loved ones.

6.    Discuss A Timeline

As soon as the initial congratulations are out of the way, the next big question is ‘so when’s the big day’. Getting engaged can be a little overwhelming but don’t worry this tip will save you a lot of stress.

You don’t have to set the date right away but having a discussion with your partner about what kind of wedding you want to have, whether it’s a winter wedding or a summer wedding will give you a better idea of what time of the year you want to have the wedding.

7.    Create A Wedding Pinterest Board

Now’s the time to daydream. Create plenty of mood boards and pin everything you like the look of. Let your imagination run wild and daydream till your heart’s content. If you’ve dreamt about your ideal wedding since you were little, then this is your time to shine!

Enjoy the time to explore online, browse through wedding magazines and anything that takes your fancy, bookmark it and save it for later. This can be anything from venue ideas, decorations, colour combinations, wedding dresses and much more.

Image 3: Something Turquoise /  Image 4: Wedding Forward /Image 5: Ideal Wedding Ideas

8.    Get A Wedding Planner

Don’t feel like you need to jump into planning your dream wedding straight away. Take the time to celebrate with your loved ones, daydream and enjoy calling each other fiancée– after all this is a once in a lifetime moment. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, use our gorgeous new wedding planner to help guide you through the process. Our planner has everything you need including checklists, budget planning, guestlists, and inspiration pages and much more! It will be easy to keep everything in one place and a great way to stick any magazine cut-outs you see along the way.

Congratulations on your engagement! We hope you found this checklist helpful. We’d love to hear what you did after you said yes! For more helpful tips on wedding inspiration and planning, keep up to date with our blog for weekly posts.

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