4 Tips to Plan A Stress-Free First Birthday Party

4 Tips to Plan A Stress-Free First Birthday Party

Your baby’s first birthday is one to celebrate, however it’s no secret this occasion can come with a little added pressure to make it the best birthday party ever! It’s important to remember that it doesn’t’ have to be extravagant or spectacular, as you’ll want to make sure your child doesn’t feel overwhelmed in a new environment.

If planning Pinterest worthy parties are your thing, then that’s amazing! But we know it’s not everybody’s cup of tea, so we have 4 tips on how to throw an amazing first birthday party with little stress for parents.

1. 1 Year Old Birthday Party Locations

It doesn’t have to be stressful to organise where to throw your little ones first birthday party. Although having the party at home will mean you’ll need to factor in cleaning, tidying, moving furniture and sorting out food and party bags, then it might just be a little too overwhelming. If you’re looking for 1 year old birthday party locations, consider throwing the party in a village hall, party venue or in a park nearby so that you can come back afterwards to a neat and tidy home.

Alternatively, if you decide to throw your little ones first birthday party at home, with a few close friends and family then make the process easier for you is all that matters – you want to remember this milestone as a fun occasion.

For more tips on choosing your venue and deciding on times then read our how to here.

2.    Prepare Quick and Easy Food

Now whether you’re hosting the birthday party at home or in an outside venue, you’ll have to consider preparing and planning what food to include. If you’re hosting for both children and adults, you’ll want to have enough food to suit a variety of age groups.

For children, think snacks and finger foods such as fruit salads, sausage rolls, bite-sized cheeses, breadsticks, and small veg sticks. Place them on party paper plates to make them as they will be a lot easier to dispose of them at the end of the party.

Whereas for the adults you could offer buffet food with a little more substance such as pizza, quiches, mini sandwiches; remember to get some disposable paper tableware and paper napkins – it’ll cut your time spent in the kitchen down by half and mean means less washing up -win win!

3.    Share The Responsibility

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Sometimes spreading the responsibility with close friends and family members is all it takes for the party to run smoothly.

You can do this by having them help out with setting the table with party paper plates and paper napkins, food and drinks, handing out the party bags, and putting up the decorations.

4.    Keep It Simple

No need to go over the top. Remember that your little ones are not going to remember whether they had an extravagant cake or a Pinterest worthy balloon arch – so keep it simple. So for easy and simple 1st birthday party ideas, set up a safe area for babies to play, including a few toys, bunting, blow up some balloons and watch your child have a great first birthday.

As we mentioned earlier, if planning birthday parties are something you enjoy then by all means go to town! However, if it’s just making the occasion stressful then by stripping it back and keeping it simple, you’re more likely to relax and have a good time – your child only turns one once, make it an enjoyable day. Lastly, don’t worry about the cake! Whether you decide to bake your own cake or purchase one from the local supermarket – everyone loves cake!

For more tips on how to turn a first birthday party into a cake smash party in a few easy steps, read here. – trust us, it’s easier than you think!

Key takeaways for a stress-free birthday party

  1. Keep it simple – babies will not notice extravagant decorations. Bunting and a few balloons are all you need.
  2. Keep it small, invite a few close friends and family.
  3. Choose easy, straight forward food choices. Think finger foods and other nibbles and don’t give in to the pressure to bake a fancy cake – a shop-bought cake is just as delicious!
  4. Skip the over-complicated games, if you’re lucky enough for a summer party then set up an area in the garden with bubbles, colouring activities and toys – it’ll keep them entertained for hours!

We hope to have eased your party planning stress levels by now! With these helpful tips, your child’s first birthday is sure to be a fun, memorable, and a stress-free occasion. For even more help and advice then read our blog post on how to plan the perfect 1st birthday party here.

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