6 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

6 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender Reveal parties don’t show any signs of disappearing in 2019 and rightly so! They’re such a great way to include family and friends to find out the sex of your baby, who can equally treasure the special moment with you. There are many ways to make the big gender reveal nowadays, from gender reveal balloons, decorated food, to confetti cannons, this day should be full of fun and precious surprises.

To make sure you make the big announcement exciting, we’ve lined up some of our favourite gender reveal ideas including a few new releases to look out for this year.

1. Gender Reveal Pinata

New to our 2019 collection is the gender reveal pinata. It’s a great way to reveal the gender of your baby as well as highlight your baby shower celebrations. Hang the pinata in an open space so you have enough room to hit it to release the confetti inside, revealing the babies’ gender.

It’s perfect if there are little ones attending the party as they’ll love hitting the pinata to reveal if they’ll have a little brother or sister.


2. Gender Reveal Balloons

Now if this isn’t your first encounter with the gender reveal party, then you’re probably already familiar with the giant gender reveal balloons. It’s the ultimate and most popular way to reveal the sex of your baby in front of your friends and family. Simply have a friend blow up the balloon with the correct coloured confetti inside, then pop the balloon in front of your nearest and dearest to watch the confetti explode to reveal the sex – don’t forget to have your camera ready to catch everybody’s reactions!

Choose from the ‘Boy or Girl?’ balloon or our new family edition ‘Little Brother or Little Sister?’ Perfect to get the little ones involved, so they can also look forward to having a new addition to the family. For tips on blowing our confetti balloons, everything you need to know is here.


3. Confetti Cannon Surprise

Use our Oh Baby Gender Reveal confetti cannons to make the big announcement. If you’re after an extravagant and loud reveal, then this one’s for you. The cannons go off with a big bang to shoot pink or blue confetti across the room.

Simply gather your friends & family in a circle, twist the confetti cannon and watch the coloured confetti scatter. Keep in mind these will shoot confetti everywhere, so be prepared for the mess later!

4. Girl or Boy Scratch Cards

Alternatively, these simple Gender Reveal scratch cards are perfect for your baby shower. A unique option if you’re after a less extravagant, yet intimate way to share with your partner or with immediate family.

Simply place these gorgeous rose gold scratch cards on the table, alongside disposable paper plates. It’s an easy and effective way to reveal the gender of your baby, as well as taking out the hassle of cleaning up after.

Instructions: Each card has space for you to fill in your baby’s gender. Simply stick the rose gold scratch stickers over the top. Your loved ones will have endless fun scratching the sticker to reveal your baby’s gender!

5. Bake a Gender Reveal Cake

This is such a simple yet effective way to take the reveal up a notch and put your very own personal spin on the big moment. All you have to do is simply bake a vanilla cake or cupcakes and add blue or pink colouring in the inside of the cake.

This way, when the cake is cut or your guests take their first bite into the cake, the gender is revealed!

Another fun option could be to use our rainbow donut wall with colourful donuts with different coloured sponge to reveal the gender. For more inspiration on party favors, check out our favourite picks here.

6. Blue or Pink Reveal Cake Fountains

Speaking of cake, we have 2 new gender reveal cake fountains which are the perfect accessory to take your cake to the next level.

Simply place the fountain in the cake and light the flame to reveal the colour – perfect if you’re considering turning your baby shower into a surprise gender reveal.

Now that you have an update on our new gender reveal collection, here are more tips and advice on how you can throw a party, find out more here.

If you’re planning a baby shower for yourself or a friend and finding everything a little overwhelming, not to worry. We’ve got everything you need to know here to help you plan a stress-free, classy baby shower!  

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