Kids Party Trends to Look Out For in 2019

Kids Party Trends to Look Out For in 2019

It’s fair to say 2018 was the ‘Year of The Unicorn’ for most kid’s birthday parties. From cups and plates, birthday balloons and unicorn horn headbands, you can’t go wrong with a unicorn party to recreate a fairy-tale creature that’s adored by many kids.

Why not get your thinking hats on and try something different to celebrate your child’s birthday this year? Take a glance at our new collection to inspire your kids’ birthday party decorations.

Balloons Galore

Birthday balloons will always be a party decoration must-have, no matter how old you are. Gone are the days where you simply blew up a few multi-coloured balloons, tied them with string and popped them on the back of the chair. Nowadays every party needs to be ‘Instagram worthy’, so why not choose the extravagant balloon garlands that are set to take over this year? From arches, centerpieces to cake toppers, they’re the perfect way to add joy and a splash of colour to any celebration.

Our new balloon arches has something for everyone, just simply pick your colour and pair it alongside happy birthday bunting to create a memorable centerpiece to the treats table.

Themed Parties

Now this is a trend that isn’t going anywhere for 2019, the standard themed birthday party! Themed parties are perfect and relatively easy to plan for your little one’s birthday. For the little girls, you can’t go wrong with a mermaid, llama or a unicorn themed party.

For the boys, why not go for a dinosaur themed party or if your child is lucky to have their birthday fall in the summer holidays, then explore our Mexican summer theme complete with cactus & nachos shaped tableware and fun pinatas!

Pastel Perfection

We’re so glad to see more of the pastel party trend in 2019, it’s one of our favourites! So much so that we’ve released a brand-new pastel range, featuring a rainbow donut wall of dreams, colourful tableware and plenty of confetti balloons complete with a giant customisable balloon to bring the party to life.

Go Bold!

2019 is getting even brighter! The big, bold rainbow colours are back and with even more flare. If you’re wondering if this would be perfect for your child’s birthday, then we’ve got you covered. With our ‘Over the Rainbow’ collection, it’s never been easier to bring this theme to life. The colours in the rainbow is an ideal unisex design, in case you’re spoilt for choice.

Extravagant Displays Foodies will love

If you’re having a pastel themed birthday party, cakes and desserts are a great way to bring your decorations to life. Extravagant displays on food is a great way to grab the kids’ attention and get them to sit them down and enjoy their sweet treats. From donut walls, drip icing cakes, and cake pops, there are plenty to choose from.

Why not fill our rainbow donut wall with colourful donuts or jazz up their birthday cake with these mini confetti balloon pops? For more inspiration on party favours, check out our favourite picks here.

Image 1: Cake Credit to Juniper Bakery

Organising a kid’s birthday party can be stressful, so make sure to check out our Instagram and blog for advice, tips and tricks. Which party theme are you most excited for this year?

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