How to Plan a Last-Minute Office Christmas Party

How to Plan a Last-Minute Office Christmas Party

The festive season is a busy period for everyone. From decorating your home, buying Christmas gifts and with different events to attend, it’s full of fun and joy.

Hosting an office Christmas party is a great way to show appreciation for team’s hard work and end the year on a high note. If you’re planning on throwing a Christmas party, don’t panic, our last-minute creative party ideas will make sure everyone has a great time.

Stay calm and plan your guest list

If you’re short on time the best thing to do is to stay calm and make a list of what needs to be done. It doesn’t have to be stressful to plan a party. Organisation is key to make sure you make the most of your last-minute Christmas party. You’ll want to gather all the important details which include:

  • Number of guests including +1’s
  • Time, date and location of the party
  • What’s the budget?
  • Do your guests have special dietary requests that you should be aware of?

Book a venue

Once you have all the important information it’s time to get organised. The first thing you’ll want to do is book a venue as soon as possible. It’s most likely that a lot of venues will already be booked up, but with a little bit of creative thinking and researching, there will still be enough time to find a great location to hold your party.

If you have a small team, then you might consider going to the theatre, visiting Christmas markets or book a fun group activity such as golf or bowling. Alternatively, if you’d rather stick to a traditional style then it’s worth looking for a local venue close to your office, in that way your employees won’t have to travel far and spend extra on transport.

Choose a Christmas theme

Now we’re on to the fun bit, the Christmas theme! By having a theme will not only make your life easier when planning a last-minute Christmas party, it creates a great party atmosphere and will be sure to impress your guests.

Picking a theme could be as simple as setting a colour scheme to match your decorations and tableware. Whether you decide to go down the route of the gold and silver sparkle to add elegance to your venue or you choose to go for a traditional red and green.  We have plenty of Christmas themes to choose from, read up on our recent blog post on our top 5 themes this Christmas for ideas.

  Plan your party food

The party food options will depend on where you’ll be holding the event and the time of day you’ll be hosting it. For example, if you’re planning an afternoon party then you might want to consider a buffet style and lay out lots of Christmas themed treats like mince pies and Christmas cookies.

To save yourself even more time, perhaps consider delegating one dish to every team attending, that way you’ll have plenty to go around. Jazz up your nibbles by adding our metallic star food picks, they’re perfect for the festive season!

If you’re planning an evening party where food needs to be a little more formal, it might be worth researching a caterer who can provide last minute catering services.

Keep it simple & delegate

Keep things as simple as possible. To make this easy we’ve put together our simple checklist to ensure you have everything in order to plan the last-minute Christmas party. It’s important to write a checklist so you can tick things off as you go! – trust us it’s greatly satisfying.

  • Book & arrange the venue
  • Choose a theme and plan in the food
  • Buy Decorations & Tableware
  • Arrange entertainment or activities
  • Send out invites to everyone attending

When under pressure it can be instinct to try and complete everything all at once, however this can end up slowing you down even more. If there is help available, take it as this will make it a lot less stressful!

Consider a ‘Secret Santa’

If you work in an office environment, you’ll probably be familiar with the Christmas tradition of ‘Secret Santa’. It’s a great way to boost team morale and get everybody involved around the festive period.

If time is short and you’re struggling to find entertainment for your party, you could consider exchanging your secret Santa gifts during the Christmas party, it’ll be a great way to incorporate some fun and get everyone mingling.

Organise fun party games

You’ve got this far and successfully planned a great last-minute party! The final touch to take your party to the next level is to plan some fun party games to keep everyone entertained. Games are a great addition to any party and a good option to keep up your sleeve.

We have plenty of fun games to choose from this year, our favourites being Who Am I guessing game Elf Edition, Winner Winner, turkey dinner a great one to play around the table or Turkey Tosser / Jolly Vibes game, a simple ring and hoop game which is sure to get everyone up and laughing!

If there is ever a time to be silly, it’s at a Christmas party!

We hope this has made it seem a lot easier to plan the ultimate last-minute Christmas party. What are your go-to tips when you’re planning an event with a tight deadline?

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