Alternative Guest Books You Should Know About

Alternative Guest Books You Should Know About

Goodbye to the traditional guestbooks that just collect dust on your bookshelves and are never to be read again. Many couples are finding new alternatives to put a fresh, personal spin on this wedding tradition. We’ve put together a list of our favourite guestbook alternatives that will give your wedding a unique touch your guests will love.

Mini Envelope and Note Card Guestbook

Now this feature is the closest to a traditional guestbook in our list, but with a little twist. Guests will love the fresh idea and enjoy filling out these cute message cards and popping it in the envelopes. Get creative & create a guestbook table with some wooden love confetti alongside our floral garlands to catch all your guests eyegarlands to catch all your guests eye. Would be the perfect addition to your rustic country wedding. 

Wishing Jar Guest Book

This simple but gorgeous rose gold jar comes ready with 100 hearts. Your guests are can write their special wishes to the newlyweds onto the blank hearts and slot them into the jar. The bride & groom will love keeping this jar on display to cherish these magical memories forever. If you’ve got a rose gold wedding theme even better right? Planning a botanical or metallic wedding theme, this is the one for you.

Wooden Peg & String Frame Alternative Guest Book

This chic white frame set makes capturing lovely messages & photos from loved ones extra special. You’ll be able to hang this in your home and forever relive the memories every time you see it. Why not get creative and make a photo booth corner using our photo booth props? This gem is great for more intimate weddings.

Build a Memory Building Blocks Guest Book

A fun favourite of ours. Your guests can use the blank wooden blocks to write their messages for the bride & groom, then build a tower with the blocks. You’ll guests will have great fun building these up and trying not to knock it over each time. The perfect keep sake to relive your special day from years to come & will add a unique touch to your home too!

Wooden Jigsaw Guest book

Ask your guests to write messages in each of the jigsaw pieces, then piece them together to create the finished heart shape. Perfect way to read over your guest’s messages all at once but this is a jigsaw you’ll keep on display!

Wooden Drop Top Frame Guest Book

Similar concept to the wishing jar and a personal favourite. your guests can write their lovely messages on the wooden heart pieces which easily slot into the frame. This is a perfect guestbook that instead of collecting dust on the shelf, it can be displayed in your home for you to read over every time you walk by. Another little gem for your rustic country wedding. 

Wooden Wishing Tree Guest Book

This beautiful wishing tree will make a beautiful display at your wedding, perfect way to encourage your guests to write a message on the blank wooden hearts and then hang them on the tree. A beautiful sentimental decoration to display in your home after.

Hopefully we’ve narrowed it down for you and the perfect alternative guestbook among this list is screaming out to you.

Whichever one you choose, your guests are sure to love them! Have you got a favourite? Read up on more of our tips when planning a rustic and botanical themed wedding?


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